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Site-wide energy savings with VO technology

Voltage Optimization covers a cutting-edge technology which seek to stabilise, regulate and reduce voltage use at your site. Part of the best.energy commercial solution stack, it is now reducing energy consumption across the globe.

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Impressive Energy Savings Await

Do you like the sound of saving up to 33% on refrigeration costs, with an ROI period of under 2 years? That’s what CUES offers.


High Efficiency & Reliability

With vacuum impregnated winding, our Voltage Optimisation offers incredibly high operating efficiency at over 99.5%.


Silent Design

With a design built to provide silent operation 24 hours a day, our VO product will sit quietly in the back room with no impact on customer or staff experience.

Stop Wasting Money on High Voltage

Your assets don’t need the voltage you’re giving them, so why pay for more than you need?


If your site is being supplied with electricity at a higher voltage level than you need, you could be wasting energy, wasting money and producing excessive carbon emissions. Voltage optimization can help.

Electrical equipment can sometimes consume more power at higher voltages. Voltage optimization reduces the voltage of the electricity supplied to equipment, minimizing consumption while remaining within the operating conditions specified by the equipment manufacturer.

How does it work?

The basic principal of all voltage optimisation equipment is to reduce the voltage level from that of the incoming supply. To achieve this change in voltage level, an electrical transformer (static or electronic) is required.

The ratio of primary to secondary windings of these electrical transformers is set to provide the desired level of voltage reduction.

Automatic effect without human input

Up to 18% energy savings almost instantly

Fixed & Variable ratio options

Particularly effective on assets like lighting, refrigeration and motors

Up to 99.5% operating efficiency

Up to 1140V maximum supply voltage

Fixed Ratio

This provides a fixed reduction at all times and is suitable for supplies that remain within their nominal tolerance. I.e. +/-6%

If cost is the overriding factor, the voltage drop can be reduced so the voltage remains within an acceptable tolerance. However, energy savings will be reduced.

Variable Ratio

This provides a constant voltage, regardless of load conditions, through continuous adjustment.

This type of equipment is suitable for supplies that DO NOT remain within their nominal tolerance. I.e. +/-6%

Understanding Your Load

To determine whether voltage optimisation will reduce your energy consumption, you will need to understand what percentage of your load is ‘voltage dependent’.

A voltage dependent load is an electrical device whose power consumption varies with the voltage being supplied to it. For example:

  • Incandescent lamps
  • Fluorescent lamps (with inductive ballasts)
  • Metal halide and sodium lamps
  • Most motors (including refrigeration compressors)

Motors in particular are an excellent target. Most motors in use today are designed to operate at a wide voltage range considerably below their typical supply. Operating motors at higher than their voltage range simply causes unnecessary losses.

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