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Meet the Eniscope

The cutting-edge device that allows it all to happen, Eniscope is a ‘best-in-class’ energy management system. Actually, it’s more than that, it is a gateway to data visibility and a huge step towards building energy optimization.

Using Big Data drawn from device and circuit level inputs, existing meters and IoT sensors, Eniscope provides a granular breakdown of exactly how, when and where you are using (and wasting) energy.

That applies to a single building, or a full portfolio; with all that information ported to an intuitive software platform. And with standalone sensors available including temperature, occupancy, gas, water and much more – your data is always placed in context.

Eniscope is easy and quick to install, versatile, pinpoint accurate and – for many facility and property managers around the world – indispensable.

Second by second energy consumption data

Clearly verify capital project energy savings

Identify energy leaks and energy saving opportunities

Easily integrate with your CAFM or BMS via our API

Cutting-edge, easy-to-install on-site hardware

Infinitely scalable solution. One dashboard, multiple sites.

Expose energy-abusing resources and equipment.

Eniscope Air
A Revolution in IoT Sensors and Controllers

The Internet of Things (IoT) – what does it really mean? It means your assets connected, talking to each other. Cloud control. Real-time monitoring. It means energy savings, higher profits and un-paralleled visibility across your business.

Eniscope Air Will Revolutionize Your Facilities

Imagine monitoring and controlling your whole estate from one, intuitive Cloud platform?


20%+ Energy

Total visibility and control across your assets means we can deliver typically in excess of 20% energy bill savings. How much product would you have to sell to generate the same in profit?


2 Year Payback

Most maintenance is reactive or pre-scheduled. With asset-level monitoring our team can tell you when an asset is about to breakdown and alarm against key asset failures, so you know instantly there’s a problem.


One Solution, Whole Estates

Our products are lightweight, fast to install and easy on the eye. We make sure your customers won’t know the difference, keeping our work subtle and largely out of sight.

Meet Your New Smart Eco-System

The Eniscope Air suite was designed to provide your buildings with a light, agile ‘Building Management System’ at a fraction of the cost usually associated with a full BMS. A building with Air integrated is truly smart – offering:

  • Asset, building and estate-levels of energy data
  • Individual asset control, scheduling and intelligent automation
  • Digitisation of previously manual tasks
  • Real-time environment monitoring (air quality, temperature, light etc.)

The purpose is to reduce your energy bill, streamline your operations and ultimately to enhance your profit margins.

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