Smart Energy Management

Smart Energy Management provides world-class solutions across North America and Mexico.  We give businesses the tools they need to save energy and make their buildings truly smart while working together with technology to help the planet while saving money, one business at a time.


Absolutely zero investment


Zero upfront costs with positive cash flow results


Up to 35% reduction in energy spend


We work across a multitude of industries

It’s our job to make your business’ energy visible, controllable and easy to manage.

Meet Smart Energy LLC

Who we are …

We are a passionate provider of cost-effective energy monitoring and reduction technology and services. We are all about showing how it is possible to minimize an energy bill by maximizing the use of energy reduction technologies and the power of Big Data, AI and IoT.

In short, we help our clients achieve optimum energy efficiency – adding percentage points to their net profit margin.

We work with SME’s, Facilities Managers, Property Managers, Utilities and Energy Brokers throughout North America and Mexico to help them securely manage their energy; and with the recent addition of the ‘Eniscope Air’ suite of IoT products we can also help them optimize their operations.

Why a company might need us:

  1. Increasing Reduction Targets
    Manager’s are under increasing pressure to hit top-down energy reduction targets.
  2. Inefficient Building Maintenance
    There is a need to get ahead of maintenance – predictive, rather than reactive.
  3. Accurate Tenant Billing
    There is a need to accurately bill your tenants to avoid dispute and unfairness.
  4. Poor Data Visibility
    Managers have limited energy data and there is difficulty analyzing the information.
  5. Reduce Carbon Footprint
    Contribute to help against global warming.

Smart Energy Overview

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