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USA School District Saves $8m+ on Energy Costs

Hillsborough County Public Schools Saves $8m+ on Energy Costs

Holistic energy management solutions – Smart Energy Management provides the entire package; including the hardware, software and ongoing ‘Virtual Energy Management’ service.

The $500m project value is obviously striking, but perhaps even more impressive is the model being offered to the client – a US schools district – to make it happen.

For the client, there are a number of attractive features to that model. They have no capital expenditure, at all. They don’t have to handle maintenance for the new technologies.

And, perhaps best of all; the funder, GenerateCapital, actually pay them up-front a portion of the projected energy savings at each stage.

The Project

To date, this is the single biggest energy project secured by a Best.Energy partner. It is a remarkable achievement, and one that has Eniscope at its heart.

The project involves several phases of LED lighting installations, providing substantial energy bill gains – as well as much improved quality of light for the students inside.

At the time of writing, this stretches to 290,000 new lights across the School District, with many more in the pipeline. And remember, at absolutely no cost to the client.

The Role of Eniscope

Eniscope’s first role is at the start of the project, before anything has been installed. Using accurate, itemized, real-time data from the Eniscope platform, an energy consumption benchmark is set. The data is so reliable, that this figure is implicitly relied upon by all parties of the agreement; the district, the Best.Energy partner and the financier.

Once the project is underway, the Eniscope devices remain in place – providing a constant flow of real-time data on energy consumption. That helps the client identify and verify new ways to save energy over the length of the contract, and even helps with preventative maintenance; the Eniscope’s alarms are used to identify faulty equipment remotely and guide engineer visits.

The Results

By current projections, Hillsborough Schools District stand to save around $8 million per year on their electricity budget. And with more new measures in the pipeline, still at no cost to the client, this could still grow considerably.

Naturally, more schools districts in the USA are acutely interested in this model and negotiations are underway to roll this out deeper into the country.

Project Details

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