Project Description


Over the course of this project, we’re projecting to save over $8 million for the client, with no up-front costs.

7-Eleven Undertake 616+ Site Energy Management Project

A large 7-Eleven franchisee with stores across Malaysia and beyond has embarked upon a huge roll-out of energy saving products, now stretching to over 600 stores. Led by BEST partner Retes Energy, the stores are taking advantage of an effective combination of energy monitoring and saving technologies. And the best part? The project is on a ‘sharedsavings’ basis, with no up front cost to the client.

What energy problems do convenience stores like 7-Eleven suffer from?

As with all convenience stores the world over, 7-Eleven were suffering from energy wastage in a number of areas. The stores use refrigeration, air conditioning and lighting heavily – 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. They were looking for a solution that would fulfil two key objectives:

  • Give them full, real-time energy visibility so that the waste could be clearly identified
  • Reduce the waste! Introduce technologies (without causing disruption or closures) that can save energy consistently and reliably.

Retes Energy were able to deliver both objectives, using only products from the BEST technology stack.

The Perfect Convenience Store Solution

Retes drew entirely from the technology stack of their technology partners ‘’ for this solution, in order to meet both of the client’s key objectives.

World Leading Monitoring & Verification

Already in use with 7-Eleven elsewhere in the world, and with huge corporate names like Starbucks, McDonald’s, KFC and Walmart, Retes knew that the Eniscope energy monitoring system would be the perfect fit in this instance. The device is easily and quickly installed with no disruption to customer experience. Once in place, it offers up to eight channels in a single device, able to monitor everything needed across the store on its own and provide real-time, minute by minute
resolution data via a cloud dashboard.

Project Details

kWh Saved
17.7 Million kWh
CO2 Saved
10,000 Tons
Cost Savings
$8.4 Million
Equivalent Energy Saved
2,425 Houses
  • Voltage Optimization